Two crab fishermen on the beach in Koh Ta Kiev, a tiny island off the coast of Cambodia, come ashore after work. The island is about a one hour boat journey from the mainland, and enjoys no running water and electricity powered by a generator for only four hours a day. We stayed on the island for four days, sleeping in a windowless, doorless bamboo platform raised up on stilts, with the jungle to our backs and the ocean on our doorstep. 
It was Saturday night, and the local crabmen had finished their duties for the week and were celebrating a day off tomorrow. I was walking alone on the beach with my camera and struck up a conversation with these two lads, one of them local, the other one originally from Thailand. We walked along the shoreline, and they pointed out which boat they worked on, proudly telling me they had just become the captain. Little crabs kept rolling out of their hiding places in the sand at our feet, scuttling towards the water, but they weren't fast enough for the fishermens' seasoned hands.  I asked to take a portrait of them.​​​​​​​
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