Fast Enough is a series of portraits created during LEAP Sports Scotland's Festival Fortnight in June 2018, to be exhibited during the European Championships in Glasgow in August 2018, which raises local LGBTI+ community members engaged in various sports to the forefront.
The freedom of diving into water, of hitting a running trail, of pushing forward shoulder to shoulder with a teammate - the quickening of breath and the rush of adrenaline, accomplishment, completion - these things are not defined by sexuality or gender. These images are of breaking down social and personal barriers, reclaiming and re-queering spaces such as pools, gyms and locker rooms, and underlining that even by stepping out of the front door, we have already won.
The series was commissioned and funded by LEAP Sports Scotland. A special thank you to the venues who granted access, and all the organisations and people involved - Warrender Park Swim Centre & Gym, Whitehill Pool, Holyrood High School, Studio 22, Edinburgh Frontrunners, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Seahorses Trans & Non-binary Swimming Club and Glasgow Alphas rugby club.

Charlotte, swimmer, 2018

Moyo, student, 2018

Marios, dancer, 2018

Al, runner, 2018

Buns & Jean, roller derby, 2018

Steve, rugby player, 2018

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